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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Health and Science

College of Health and Sciences

Message from the College of Health and Sciences (CHAS) Dean   

Welcome to North Carolina Central University’s College of Health and Sciences, where cutting edge biological and computational science is discovered and the application of such inquiry is pursued in the delivery of health sciences.

Our stellar academic programs include a vibrant history of academic rigor and teaching excellence through interactive and innovative learning strategies. Our most talented and dedicated faculty and staff are committed to advancing scientific inquiry and advancing health sciences education and practice through interdisciplinary research teams. 

There are many reasons to select a major in the health and sciences. Your aptitude ranks high in the selection of a major process as does your interest. If you are looking for career training guided by a sense of altruism or where you can make a difference, consider examining one of the ten departments in the College of Health and Science. The science majors include: biology and biomedical sciences, math and physics, environment, earth and geospatial science, chemistry and pharmaceutical science. The current majors in the health sciences are: communications science and disorders, kinesiology and recreation administration, nutrition, public health education and nursing. The PhD program in integrated biosciences is the only program in the country with an emphasis on health disparities research for most at risk populations.

Classes in these majors offer experiential and didactic learning modalities. Innovated learning environments where you are able to absorb the theory and to then practice the application have been designed to assure job readiness and competency upon completions of the training. With majors in the sciences and health, students are prepared to assume careers in the fastest growing professions both locally and globally.

In the College of Health and Sciences you will unleash your potential and be prepared to become the next generation of health care and scientific leaders.


La Verne Reid, PhD, MPH

Interim Dean

College of Health and Sciences.

Biological and Biomedical Sciences

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Environmental, Earth and Geospatial Science

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Human Sciences

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Kinesiology and Recreation Administration

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Mathematics and Physics

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Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Public Health Education

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