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2019-2020 Graduate School Course Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate School Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biological and Biomedical Sciences, M.S.

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CIP Code:  26.0101


Students seeking unconditional admission to the graduate program in Biology must present a “B” average for a minimum of 30 credits of undergraduate biology, credit for four semesters of chemistry, two semesters of physics, and mathematics through Calculus I. The GRE is also required.


Biology Core - 14 hours

     BIOG 5120 Genetics ( 3 )  

     BIOG 5310 Cell Biology ( 3 )  

     CHEG 5000 Biochemistry ( 3 )  

     BIOG 5700 Seminar in Biology ( 2 hours over 2 semesters )  

     Graduate biostatistics, or bioinformatics or computer science course (3 hours)

M.S. with Thesis Option - 16 hours

     BIOG 5800 Research in Biology ( 1-6 )  

     BIOG 5900 Thesis ( 3 )  

     Electives selected from courses listed below (7 hours)

    Total credits in the thesis option - 30 hours

M.S. Non-thesis (Project) Option - 16 hours 

     BIOG 5800 Research in Biology ( 1-6 )  

     BIOG 5810 Graduate Project ( 3 )  

     Electives selected from courses listed below (10 hours)

    Total credits in the Non-thesis (Project) option - 30 hours

Elective Courses in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program Curriculum

Course electives can be selected from the following list of courses:Note that some of these courses are offered only Fall or Spring semester each year, and some are offered upon request by the students.  Students should check with the Department Chair or the Director of the Graduate Program to assess availability of these approved courses.

BIOG 5130 Critical Analysis of Research Literature in Biology ( 3 )  

BIOG 5140 Toxicology ( 3 )  

BIOG 5300 Bacteriology ( 4 )  

BIOG 5330 Fundamentals of Neuroscience. ( 3 )  

BIOG 5400 Physiology and Pharmacology I ( 3 )  

BIOG 5401 Physiology and Pharmacology II ( 3 )  

BIOG 5410 Selected Topics In Bioinformatics ( 3 )  

BIOG 5420 Immunology ( 3 )  

BIOG 5550 Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ( 3 )  

BIOG 5800 Research in Biology ( 1-6 )  

Students are also eligible to take appropriate elective courses in affiliated departments (e.g. Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science).


  1. A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher is required.  A grade of “B” or better must be earned in the required graduate core courses for both thesis and project options.
  2. At least 30 credits of biology courses including the thesis for the M.S. with thesis option and at least 36 credits including a project for the M.S. with project option is required.  When an approved cognate minor, e.g., pharmaceutical sciences, education etc., is selected, 9 to 12 approved graduate credits for the minor department may be included in the required total of 30 to 36 credits for the thesis and project options, respectively.
  3. Successful completion of a three-credit thesis (BIOG 5900 ) or project (BIOG 5810 ), including passing an oral examination for the M.S. Thesis option degree.

Graduate Curriculum Guide for Department of Biological & Biomedical Sciences

Masters in Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Year 1

Summer Year 1

Summer following the first year of graduate work

BIOG 5800 Research in Biology ( 1-6 )  with thesis research advisor.

Summer (July) of year 1 is also the 1st opportunity for students to complete their written comprehensive exam if they have completed the following three core courses:  BIOG 5310 , BIOG 5120 , and CHEG 5000 .


Complete BIOG 5410 Selected Topics In Bioinformatics  or its equivalent

Approval of Thesis Plan or Project Plan, Hold first Thesis Committee Meeting

Qualifying Examination/Admission to Candidacy

Year 2

Fall Semester

Summer Year 2 (As Needed)

Year 3 (As Needed)

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