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Graduate School Course Catalog 2013-2015 
Graduate School Course Catalog 2013-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Education

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Behavioral Emotional Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Visual Impairments,

Theodore Pikes, Chair
Department Telephone: (919) 530-7291
Fax: 530-5353
E-mail: tpikes@nccu.edu

The Special Education Program prepares graduates to be professional educators and leaders in the field of special education for candidates with disabilities in the licensure areas of general curriculum in special education, behavioral-emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, and visual impairments.  The mission of the Special Education Program is to prepare teachers to effectively teach and nurture candidates with special needs, to address issues of language and cultural diversity, and to collaborate with parents, other professionals, and candidates in the delivery of evidence based educational programs.

Degree Programs

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

The Master’s in Education is a graduate program leading to Advanced Licensure for candidates who have the required initial licensure in education or special education and at least one year of teaching experience.  Courses offer candidates an opportunity for applied research, advanced technology, development of leadership skills, and advanced study in special education with an emphasis on understanding and using current research and policy.  Candidates may concentrate in Visual Impairment or Orientation and Mobility or Vocational Rehabilitation Therapy.

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

The Master of Arts in Teaching is a 39-54 hour program for candidates who have a background in education, but do not have a license in special education.   The program provides candidates with initial license competencies in knowledge of special populations, adapting curriculum, assessing candidates, writing IEPs and instructional methodology.  After completion of the basic courses, candidates take courses in applied research, leadership and technology with advanced study of current research and policy in special education.  Candidates with limited or no background in education will need up to 15 hours of prerequisites prior to being fully admitted to the MAT program. Candidates receive an initial license in Special Education General Curriculum and an advanced license in their concentration area. Candidates may concentrate in Behavioral/Emotional Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, or Visual Impairment.

Licensure Only Programs

Licensure Only programs are available in Visual Impairment and Mild Disabilities General Curriculum.  Candidates with undergraduate degrees may apply for a Licensure Only Program in Mild Disabilities, General Curriculum through the Graduate Admissions Office.

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