Oct 16, 2021  
Graduate School Course Catalog 2013-2015 
Graduate School Course Catalog 2013-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The University of North Carolina System


The University of North Carolina Sixteen Constituent Institutions

Administrative Officers

Thomas W. Ross, President
Kevin M. FitzGerald, Chief of Staff
Suzanne Ortega, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Other Vice Presidents and Officers

Leslie Boney, Vice President for International, Community and Economic Engagement
Christopher Brown, Vice President for Research and Graduate Education
Alisa Chapman, Vice President for Academic and University Programs
Karrie Dixon, Senior Associate Vice President for Academic and University Programs
William Fleming, Vice President of Human Resources
Ann Lemmon, Secretary of the University
John Leydon, Vice President for Information Resources and Chief Information Officer
Drew Moretz, Vice President for Government Relations
Kimrey Rhinehardt, Vice President for Federal Relations
Matthew Rascoff, Vice President for Technology-Based Learning and Innovation
Joni Worthington, Vice President for Communications

The University of North Carolina Board of Governors

Peter D. Hans

H. Frank Grainger
Vice Chairman

Ann B. Goodnight

Roger Aiken W. G. Champion Mitchell
W. Louis Bissette, Jr. Hari H. Nath
Fred N. Eshelman Robert J. Nunnery
John C. Fennebresque R. Doyle Parrish
Hannah D. Gage Joan Templeton Perry, M.D.
Thomas J. Harrelson Therence O. Pickett
Henry W. Hinton David M. Powers
James L. Holmes, Jr. Robert S. Rippy
Rodney E. Hood Harry Leo Smith, Jr.
W. Marty Kotis, III J. Craig Souza
G. Leroy Lail George A. Sywassink
Scott Lampe Richard F. “Dick” Taylor
Steven B. Long Raiford Trask, III
Joan G. MacNeill Phillip D. Walker
Mary Ann Maxwell Laura I. Wiley
W. Edwin McMahan