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2019-2020 Graduate School Course Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate School Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Joint Educational Technology/Information Science Degree Program

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The NCCU joint Master’s degree in Educational Technology and Information Science is a dual degree program that offers students the opportunity to develop strong technical skills and to aid in the national push to provide Digital Literacy via an engaging, competency-based problem-solving and project-focused learning of Instructional Systems Design.  MA/MIS students will develop problem-solving and project-based learning technological skill sets in Information Technology competency by earning two Master’s degrees simultaneously.  Students who complete this program will be well-equipped to design and provide effective distance learning tools and methods.  The curricula of the dual degree program focus on two primary areas:  24 credit hours of immersion in Instructional Systems Design and 24 credit hours of immersion in Information Science with both curricula focusing on the in-depth presentation of information in diverse ways for a variety of instructional and learning purposes.  Graduates will have experience designing and synthesizing learning resources and assessment tools.  Upon program completion graduates will be able to be employed in diverse fields, including:  Information Technology Facilitator, K-12 District Chief Information Officer (CIO), Industry Instructional Systems Design Consultant, Online Course Engineer for Professional Development and Training, Online E-Learning Instructor in a variety of settings, and statewide professional development areas, and Digital Literacy Trainer and Consultants.  The degree program in Educational Technology has two separate program concentrations that are combined via curricula plans based upon applicant requirements during admission.  The two program concentrations are Instructional Design (IND) for industry professionals and Educational Instructional Technology (EDIT) for “A” licensed teachers.  This dual-degree program requires the completion of 24 credit hours, including seven core courses (21 credit hours) and a minimum of one elective course.  A student who completes any of the seven core courses as part of a prior master’s degree will need to substitute additional elective courses to complete 24 credit hours.

The MA/MIS dual degree Instructional Design (IND) Concentration is a 24 credit, 100% online course of study.  The IND courses focus on E-Learning via:  Current and Emerging technologies; Dynamic Online Instructional Methods; Innovative Online Course Design; Entrepreneurial Course Delivery Procedures; and the Construction of Interactive E-Learning Resources and Tools.  This concentration prepares candidates to develop entrepreneurial online content for both educational and non-educational settings, such as corporate training.  The Instructional Design concentration is designed to create experts in the discipline of education who have the technological expertise and skills to develop, create, visually program and implement dynamic visual solutions through the process of inventive Instructional Systems Design.  Upon completion a series of specified courses, candidates may receive instruction in a series of in-depth, high level courses that enable them to gain professional technological proficiency in E-Learning Systems, E-Learning Content Creation, E-Learning Course Construction, and E-Learning Course Implementation.

The MA/MIS dual degree Instructional Technology (EDIT) Concentration provides add-on training for teachers licensed by the NC Department of Public Instruction [licensure 88077 (NCDPI Instructional Technology Specialist) and 88079 (NCDPI Technology Endorsement)] is a 24 credit.  100% online course of study.  EDIT courses focus on preparing students to become “practitioners of technology” in K-12 settings.  This concentration requires an “A” teaching certification upon program entry.  Candidates are also required to complete a Practicum and an E-Portfolio upon dual-degree program exit.  After completing the program, students are capable of serving as educators in the K-12 setting in a variety of positions including (but not limited to):  teachers, technology facilitators, or technology coordinators.  At the conclusion of the program, students qualify for the NCDPI Administrative Level 077 - Instructional Technology Specialist Computer (Add-On) License and an NCDPI 079 - Technology Endorsement (indicating a high level of technological proficiency).  Students must apply to the NCDPI for their license upon MA/MIS degree program completion.

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