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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Joint JD/MA Degree Program

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1. Overview

The joint degree program permits students to pursue a Juris Doctorate at the School of Law and a Master of Arts in History in the Department of History (JD/MA).  A partnership of law and history is essential to the understanding of past processes of effective government and provides not only historical context but also the ability to analyze current events.  Today’s lawyers need to be deeply engaged in their clients’ needs in the public and private sector.  The history program provides skills to prepare individuals to work in government agencies, the nonprofit sector, and in organizations that conduct substantial business with government agencies.  The program of Law and History offers students a chance to examine law and its relationship to the larger world of social movements, economic change, politics and government - in the context of studying the legal and constitutional history of the United States.  It is designed to reflect the present evolution of interdisciplinary university education in our rapidly changing world.  A deep understanding of law and history is not only essential to effective government, but also leads to meaningful careers in politics, government, and academic institutions, among others.

2. Coursework and Financial Structure of the Program

Students in the joint degree program may complete both degrees in four academic years.  A student must complete the core courses in the MA program and a minimum of 79 credit hours at the Law School.  The Law School may count up to the equivalent of 9 credits from upper-level work completed in the MA program.

In the first two years of the program, students are generally required to enroll for one full year of study at the Law School and for one full year of study in the MA program; either can come first.  In the third and fourth years of the program, joint degree students are enrolled in, and take courses at, both the Law School and the Department of History.  Both schools have their own requirements for these upper-level years.

In addition to expanding professional options, the NCCU joint degree programs offer tremendous value; tuition is often the same as for a single degree program, and the joint degree program can be completed in less time than pursuing each degree separately.

3. Admissions

Prospective students must apply to each program separately and must be separately admitted to both the Law School and the Graduate School, each of which will independently review and admit applicants.  Applicants need to complete both the GRE and LSAT exams.

Questions relating to the admissions processes at each school should be addressed directly to the individuals listed below.

4. Administrative Matters

  • Once enrolled, a student intending to leave the joint degree program must petition the Department of History and the Law School for permission to leave the program and complete only one of the two degree.
  • Grades earned in courses of one program will not be included in the GPA calculations of the other program.
  • Students will be expected to complete all Department of History and Law School exams and requirements at the times they are scheduled; exceptions are at the sole discretion of school/department, in accordance with their respective policies.
  • Students will not be permitted to enroll in History MA and Law School courses with time overlaps.
  • Students will remain on student e-mail lists at both programs for all four years of the joint degree program.

Credit Hours:  79 credit hours for School of Law and 33 credit hours for the Department of History

Pre-requisites:  Students must meet the requirements to be eligible to be admitted to both programs.

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