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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Accelerated BA/MA Degree Program

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The Department of Language and Literature’s bachelor of arts degree provides the foundation for student’s academic preparation in literature and writing. Students may concentrate in literature of writing. The department’s Accelerated BA/MA program offers students a combine B.A. and M.A. in English on an accelerated schedule. Students will develop their knowledge of literature, literary criticism and literary theory, as as their skills in analysis, synthesis, and writing. Graduates of this program will be prepared for professional careers in publishing, business, government, and teaching, as well as further graduate study in English, law,business, education, and other liberal arts disciplines. Students with a writing concentration who wish to participate in the Accelerated BA/MA program must take all 18 hours of literature concentration required courses as general electives. 

Accelerated BA/MA English Dual-Degree Program Details

Students accepted into the Accelerated BA/MA English Dual-Degree Program will complete their combined bachelor’s degree in literature,writing or mass communication/journalism and master’s degrees in English within five academic years because up to 9 semester hours of graduate-level coursework will apply to both the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Only undergraduate students of proven academic ability will be considered for the program. Students will support their progress in the Accelerated BA/MA program through close coordination with their advisors. 

Special Admissions Requirements

To be eligible for the Accelerated BA/MA program, a student must satisfy all of the following conditions:

  1. Junior or senior standing
  2. Overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 at the time of admission to the Accelerated BA/MA option.( A writing sample also may be required.)
  3. Submission of GRE score by the 4th year ( required of all applicants to the graduate program.)
  4. Approval from the Department of Language and Literature and the NCCU Graduate School.
  5. Undergraduate and graduate GPA of at least 3.0 to continue in the Accelerated BA/MA program. 

*Writing concentration majors take literature concentration required courses as part of their general electives. This requirement allows students who begin on the writing track to choose the Accelerated BA/MA program in their junior to senior year. 

General Curriculum Concentration 35- 40 hours

Literature Concentration Electives 15 hours

At least 3 of these:ENG 2320  ,ENG 2320 ,ENG 2350 ,ENG 3310  ,ENG 3320  ,ENG 3410  ,ENG 3420 ,ENG 3505  ,ENG 3605  ,ENG 4000 ENG 4200 ENG 4700  , 2nd  novel course, 2nd drama course No more that 2 of these: ENG 2720  ,andy ENG course at 3000 level or above.

Writing Concentration Required Courses 18 hours

ENG 2105  

ENG 2115  

ENG 2720  

ENG 3105  

ENG 4000  

ENG 4510  

ENG 4910  

MSCM 1250  or MSCM 2200  

Writing Concentration Electives,by cluster 18 hours

Civic/Professional Cluster: ENG 3105  , ENG 3130  , ENG 4130 ,ENG 4140  

Creative Cluster: ENG 3700 ENG 3800 ENG 3910  

Linguistics Cluster: ENG 2130 ,ENG 3030 ENG 4000  

Additional Options: ENG 3300 ,ENG 3400  

Graduate Course requirements 9 hours

ENGG 5000

ENGG 5110

and ENGG 5115

Graduate Electives 20 hours

(Suggested minors: Literture, Writing, Philosophy)

Total Degree Hours: 121-129

Four- Year Curriculum Plan

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Spring Semester

ENG/Writing Conc. Elective* (3)

ENG/General Elective** (3)

ENG/General Elective** (3)

ENG/General Elective** (3)

ENG/General Elective** (3)

ENG/General Elective** (3)

Senior Year

Fall Semester

ENGG 5000 Literary Research… Theory (3)

ENGG 5XXX American Literature (3)

ENGG 5XXX British Literature (3)

ENG/General Elective**(3)

Spring Semester

ENGG 5110 Seminar in Language/ Literature +(3)

ENGG 5XXX Any Graduate Seminar (3)

ENGG 5XXX Any Graduate Seminar (3)

ENG/General Elective** (3)

Graduate Year

Fall Semester

ENGG 5115 Advanced Professional and Technical Writing+ (3)

ENGG 5XXX Any Graduate Seminar (3)

ENGG 5XXX Any Graduate Seminar (3)

Spring Semester

ENGG 5900 Thesis or Capston Project (3)

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