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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Studies

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Wendy Rountree, Chair
Department of Language and Literature
Telephone:  (919) 530-7461
Fax:  (919) 530-7991
Carlton Wilson, Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
Telephone:  (919) 530-6798
Fax:  (919) 530-6790

Mission Statement

As a newly integrated department of languages, literatures, and cultures, the Department of Language and Literature offers six degree programs in English and world languages and literature that uniquely prepare students for the global workplace and for graduate and professional education.  The Bachelor of Arts degree in English features linguistics and English, American, African-American, and world literatures, while the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish focuses on linguistics and multicultural understandings of language as well as Spanish and Latin American literatures.  In addition to the Bachelor of Arts degrees in Spanish and Spanish with Licensure, our world language instruction includes French and German, with minors in German and Spanish.  The English major offers concentrations in Literature, Writing, and English Education, and minors in Writing, Literature, and Philosophy.  Additionally, the department now offers a new Bachelor of Arts degree program - Interdisciplinary Studies.

A major in English or in Spanish prepares students for a variety of careers and for continued personal, civic, and professional development.  All courses offered through the Department enhance skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking.  The Department’s offerings and related activities in English and seek to enhance students’ understanding of vital cultural and aesthetic achievements of writers throughout the ages.  The Department’s degree offerings in world language and culture prepare students who intend to pursue graduate work in foreign literatures and linguistics; who are interested in being certified as foreign language teachers; and who are planning any professional career in which knowledge of foreign languages and cultures is essential or desirable.  The Department is also responsible for the Philosophy curriculum.

Students majoring in English or Spanish must complete one of the concentrations in the academic program.  The academic concentrations for the English major include (1) Literature, (2) English Education, and (3) Writing.  The two Spanish concentrations are (1) Spanish Language and Literature and (2) Spanish with Licensure.

Students may minor in Literature, Writing, Spanish, German, or Philosophy.  The courses required for these minors are listed elsewhere in this document.

English composition courses offered in the General Education Curriculum are required of all NCCU students.  Students majoring in English or Spanish must complete ENG 1110  -  English Composition I , ENG 1210  -  English Composition II , and MSCM 1250  -  Elements of Speech Communication  or MSCM 2200  -  Introduction to Public Speaking ; however, these communication skills courses do not count as part of the required credit hours for the major or the minor in English or in Spanish.

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