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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Dr. Isrea L. Butler, Chair
Telephone: (919) 530-6299
Fax: (919) 530-7979
Main Office:  Ruth B. Edwards Music Hall, Rm 212


The Department of Music at North Carolina Central University is dedicated to preparing students, through innovative teaching methods, individual attention and excellent facilities to excel as leaders in the music professions. Our undergraduate and graduate programs are designed to cultivating complete musicians, able to think critically, compete in the professional marketplace, and creatively enrich a wide spectrum of artistic and educational environments. We strive to help our students embrace technology and comprehend the evolving roles of music in society. We also seek to promote greater understanding of the history and traditions of American music and the rich diversity of all world music.


The Department of Music offers a strong, diversified curriculum leading to the  Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees.  The Bachelor of Music is offered as with concentrations in Music Education (with North Carolina licensure), Jazz, Instrumental Performance, and Vocal Performance. The Bachelor of Arts in Music features concentrations in Music Industry (Business and Media Communications tracks). The Master of Music is offered in Jazz Studies. The curriculum provides a major in music that emphasizes thorough musical preparation, professionalism, and the development of appreciation of aesthetic diversity. Music studies at NCCU include research opportunities and internships with business and professional organizations.  Such opportunities help build the foundation for the student’s practical knowledge, employment prospects, and graduate study.


In additional to undergraduate and graduate admissions requirements, students who intend to major in any music degree program must audition for acceptance by the Department of Music. Undergraduate students who express music as in interest area during the admissions process will be considered “pre-music” until such time as they pass an audition.

Applied Performance and Ensemble Requirements

Bachelor of Music in Music students are required to take applied instrumental or vocal instructions, MUSL 1600 Workshops and Recitals , and perform as a member of a registered NCCU ensemble as follows;

  • Bachelor of Music: Jazz, Instrumental and Vocal Performance Concentrations: 8 semesters
  • Bachelor of Music: Music Education Concentration: 7 semesters

Senior Recital/Project Requirements

Bachelor of Music students are required to perform a Senior Recital on the primary instrument or voice, with the recital program approved in a hearing before a panel of music faculty. Bachelor of Arts in Music majors must produce a significant project in lieu of the Senior Recital, but they may elect to present a Senior Recital in addition to the required project.

Music Education Requirements

In additional to course requirements as listed, Bachelor of Music/Music Education Concentration students must apply for the Teacher Education Program (TEP), administered by the NCCU School of Education. Application and program for Music Education TEP is administered by Department of Music, and should be completed for junior year of study. TEP program application includes successful completion of PRAXIS II exam. Music methods courses (MUSL 3530  and MUSL 3560 ) require TEP acceptance for enrollment. All academic requirements, including Senior Recital requirement, must be completed prior to enrolling for student teaching credits (EDU 4118  and EDU 4218 ). For more information on the Music Education TEP program, please contact Department of Music at (919) 530-6319.

The Minor in Music

Students who desire to minor in an applied-intensive music program are required to audition before the music faculty to demonstrate the extent of their music proficiency.

  1. Students who elect a minor in music must complete a minimum of twenty-two (22) semester hours in music.
  2. Minor requirements: MUSL 1010 , (MUSL 1050 , MUSL 1060  for instrumentalists and vocalists), MUSL 1220 , (1270 for keyboardists), MUSL 2110 , and MUSL 2405 .
  3. Additional courses may be selected with the consent of the student’s music advisor on the basis of the student’s interest and needs.
  4. Four (4) semesters of participation in ensemble courses (vocal or instrumental) and four (4) semesters of participation in applied music primary courses and workshop/recital courses are required.
  5. Additional electives may be selected from among the other music courses upon consultation with consultation from the music advisor.

Music Industry Minor

Students from any academic major may take the following Department of Music music industry courses as minor concentration:

MUSL 1000 Survey of Music 

MUSL 3000 Commercial Music 

MUSL 3860 Acoustics and Introduction to Music Technology 

MUSL 3870 Production I 

MUSL 4860 Production II 

MUSL 4870 Post-Production 

Either:  MUSL 4210 Music and Arts Management  or MUSL 3800 The Music Industry 



All NCCU students, regardless of major, are welcome to register for, and participate as a member of any NCCU ensemble:

MUSL 1510 Marching/Symphonic Band 

(NCCU Band Program includes Sound Machine Marching Band, Symphonic Band, and Athletic Pep Band)

MUSL 1520 University Choir 

MUSL 1540 String Ensemble 

MUSL 1546 Guitar Ensemble 

MUSL 1590 Percussion Ensemble 

JAZZ 1570  Jazz Ensemble

JAZZ 1571  Vocal Jazz Ensemble

JAZZ 2020 Jazz Combo 

For information on performing with any NCCU student ensemble, please contact Department of Music at (919) 530-6319.


Bachelor of Music (BM)
     Instrumental Performance                     120 credits
     Vocal Performance 120 credits
     Jazz 120 credits
     Music Education (w/Licensure)                                                                       120 credits
     Music Industry/Business Track 120 credits
     Music Industry/Media Communications Track                                                    120 credits
NC Licensure-Only Program     Teacher Education Program Courses Only
BM Core Curriculum:  43/45 credits
Keyboard Sequence
     MUSL 1050 Secondary Class Piano I  1 credit
     MUSL 1060 Secondary Class Piano II  1 credit
     MUSL 1070 Intermediate Secondary Class Piano I  1 credit
     MUSL 1080 Intermediate Secondary Class Piano II       1 credit
Music Theory/Harmony Sequence
     MUSL 1010 Music Theory I                             3 credits
     MUSL 1220 Music Theory II  3 credits
     MUSL 2210 Music Theory III  3 credits
     MUSL 2220 Music Theory IV                                                      3 credits
Aural Skills Sequence
     MUSL 2110 Ear Training and Sight Singing I               2 credits
     MUSL 2120 Ear Training and Sight Singing II  2 credits
     MUSL 3110 Ear Training and Sight Singing III                       1 credit
Applied/Workshop and Recital Sequence (8 semesters)
     APPL 0XX1/MUSL 1600 Workshops and Recitals                    4 credits
Major Ensembles (4 semesters)                                               4 credits
Musicology/Music History Sequence
     MUSL 2405 Introduction to Music Literature  2 credits
     MUSL 3410 History of Music I  3 credits
     MUSL 3420 History of Music II  3 credits
     MUSL 4600 Seminar in Contemporary Music                         3 credits
     MUSL 3920 Conducting                                                      2 credits
     (Requirement for BM students only)                         
Music Technology
     MUSL 3860 Acoustics and Introduction to Music Technology  3 credits
BM Instrumental Performance Upper Level Courses:  44 credits
Applied Instruction (8 semesters)
     APPL 0XX1, MUSL 1600                                                       
Ensembles (4 semesters)                                                        4 credits
Music Electives
     MUSL, APPL, or JAZZ                                                                        36 credits
BM/Vocal Performance Upper Level Courses:  44 credits
Applied Instruction (4 credits)
     APPL 0XX1, MUSL 1600                                                      4 credits
Ensembles (4 semesters)                                                        4 credits
     MUSL 1230 Diction for Singers: English and Italian  1 credit
     MUSL 1240 Diction for Singers: French and German    1 credit
Vocal Pedagogy
     MUSL 4530 Vocal Pedagogy                                                  3 credits
Music Electives
     MUSL, APPL, or JAZZ                                                                        31 credits
BM/Jazz Upper Level Courses:  46 credits
Applied Instruction (4 semesters)
     APPL 0XX1, MUSL 1600                                                     4 credits
Ensembles (4 semesters)
     Jazz Ensemble or Vocal Jazz Ensemble                                 4 credits
Jazz Combo (6 semesters)
     JAZZ 2020 Jazz Combo                                                                      12 credits
Jazz Theory
     JAZZ 2250 Jazz Theory I                                                     3 credits
     JAZZ 2260 Jazz Theory II  3 credits
Jazz Improvisation
     JAZZ 2100 Jazz Improvisation                                               2 credits
     JAZZ 3100 Advanced Jazz Improvisation  2 credits
Jazz Arranging
     JAZZ 4700 Jazz Arranging                                                    3 credits
Jazz Composition
     JAZZ 4730 Jazz Composition                                                  3 credits
Jazz History
     JAZZ 4000 History of Jazz                                                       3 credits
Musical Instrument Classes (4 credits)
     MUSL 3600 Percussion Class 
     MUSL 3601 String Class 
     MUSL 3500 Woodwind Class 
     MUSL 3602 Brass Class 
BM/Music Education Upper Level/Teacher Education Program (TEP) Courses
Applied Instruction (3 semesters)
     APPL 0XX1, MUSL 1600                                                                 3 credits
Ensembles (3 semesters)                                                                 3 credits
TEP Courses
Musical Instrument Classes
     MUSL 3600 Percussion Class                                           1 credit
     MUSL 3601 String Class  1 credit
     MUSL 3500 Woodwind Class  1 credit
     MUSL 3602 Brass Class  1 credit
Voice Class
     MUSL 1260 Voice Class                                                               2 credits
Methods Classes (Requires acceptance in TEP by School of Education)
     MUSL 3530 Early Childhood and Intermediate Music Methods           3 credits
     MUSL 3560 Choral and Instrumental Methods  3 credits
     MUSL 4610 Instrumental and Choral Arranging                               2 credits
School of Education Required Courses
     EDU 2600 Orientation to Teaching  3 credits
     EDU 3000 Introduction to Educational Psychology  3 credits
     EDU 3010 Human Growth and Development  3 credits
     EDU 3030 Diversity, Pedagogy and Social Change  3 credits
     EDU 3120 Inclusive Teaching for Students with Special Needs  3 credits
     Student Teaching:  
     EDU 4118 Methods and Materials in Music  3 credits
     EDU 4218 Directed Teaching of Music  6 credits
Music Electives
     MUSL, JAZZ, or APPL                                                               22 credits
Global Studies/Interdisciplinary Electives                                         12 credits
BM Music Industry:  Business Track Upper Level:  46 credits
Music Business and Technology Courses
     MUSL 3000 Commercial Music                                           2 credits
     MUSL 3800 The Music Industry  3 credits
     MUSL 3870 Production I  3 credits
      MUSL 4210 Music and Arts Management  3 credits
     MUSL 4860 Production II  3 credits
     MUSL 4870 Post-Production  4 credits
     MUSL 4900 Seminar in the Music Industry  3 credits
School of Business Courses
     MKT 3350 Promotion Management                                     3 credits
     MKT 3210 Principles of Marketing  3 credits
     ECON 2100 Principles of Microeconomics  3 credits
     ECON 2200 Principles of Macroeconomics  3 credits
     ACCT 2400 Principles of Accounting I  3 credits
Music Electives (MUSL/JAZZ/APPL)                                                       10 credits
BM Music Industry:  Media Communications Upper Level:  46 credits
Music Business and Technology Courses
     MUSL 3000 Commercial Music                                              2 credits
     MUSL 3800 The Music Industry  3 credits
     MUSL 3870 Production I  3 credits
     MUSL 4210 Music and Arts Management  3 credits
     MUSL 4860 Production II  3 credits
     MUSL 4870 Post-Production  4 credits
     MUSL 4900 Seminar in the Music Industry  3 credits
Department of Mass Communications Courses
     MSCM 2430 Mass Media and Society  3 credits
     MSCM 2440 Reporting and Writing for Mass Media                   3 credits
     MSCM 3570 Audio Production  3 credits
     MSCM 3580 Video Production  3 credits
Music Electives (MUSL/JAZZ/APPL)                                                         13 credits


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