Feb 19, 2020  
University Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019 
University Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CSB 4910 - Capstone II (3)

Prerequisites: Senior Classification and C or better in CSB 4900 . This is the second course of the capstone 2-semester sequence course which will address challenging computing/business problems.  The course draws on the students’ technological capabilities, creativity, communication and problem-solving skills.  An individual student or a team of 2 students will work on designing and implementing software programs.  Teams will experience the entire software development project cycle:  user requirements, feasibility assessment, project planning, project implementation, performance testing and documentation.  Projects may be from industry partners, entrepreneurial or in-house.  This course requires the submission of the developed and implemented software product, a written project report and an oral public presentation of the project.  The students will work on the same project for CSB 4900 & 4910 over the span of two semesters. This course will satisfy the Speaking Intensive and Writing Intensive requirement of GEC.

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