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Graduate School Course Catalog 2016-2017 
Graduate School Course Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Library and Information Sciences

Dr. Jon P. Gant, Dean
Telephone: (919) 530-7585
Fax: (919) 530-6402


The School of Library and Information Sciences (SLIS) was authorized by the North Carolina State Legislature in 1939 and is the only graduate program of its kind among historically black colleges and universities. The School of Library Science was organized as a professional school in 1941. An undergraduate major was discontinued in 1943. The Master’s program in Library Science was initiated in 1950, with the first M.L.S. being awarded in 1951. The school name was changed to the School of Library and Information Sciences in 1984. Beginning with the 1990-91 academic years, the school offered an interdisciplinary program in information sciences leading to the Master’s in Information Science (M.I.S.)
The school vision is to promote access to information for all humanity. Supporting this vision, the SLIS mission is to prepare professionals to become leaders who can advance the library and information sciences in a diverse and global society.  Except for Archives concentration, students can complete M.L.S. and M.I.S. degrees online completely.

Located on the third floor of the James E. Shepard Memorial Library, the SLIS has offices, classrooms, labs, and a library. The SLIS Library consists of approximately 50,000 volumes.  The Library maintains a collection of comprehensive resources required in the instruction of library and information sciences that includes monographs and reference works, DVDs, specialized journals and serials (print and electronic), newspapers, and defined access to electronic bibliographic databases that are identifiable to the fields of library and information science.  The School maintains two special collections.  The William Tucker Collection is a collection of children’s materials that contains both primary and published materials by African- American authors and illustrators. The Black Librarians Collection comprises personal papers donated to the School by African- American Librarians.  These collections support research and documentary studies relating to the leadership development and professional contributions of African-Americans to librarianship.    The computer laboratory supports the curriculum objective of fully integrating the instruction of automated library systems, computer information systems, database management systems and internet applications into all courses. The SLIS has a homepage at www.nccuslis.org.


The SLIS has evolved from a program dedicated to educating and training librarians to one that also offers training for positions in information management, informatics, and digital librarianship. The school offers a curriculum leading to two separate graduate degrees - the Master of Library Science (M.L.S.) and the Master of Information Science (M.I.S.). In addition, the SLIS offers two joint degree programs with the School of Law (J.D. /M.L.S.) and the School of Business (M.I.S. /M.B.A.). Students can also complete NC Public Librarian and NC Department of Public Instruction School Media Coordinator certification and licensure. Courses are offered evenings, Saturdays, summers and online (through the NCCU Extended Studies division).

The faculty recognizes the growing importance of web-based and multi-media resources and computer-related technologies. The consensus is that instruction in these areas must be integrated into all courses to which they are related, regardless of the availability of courses that are entirely devoted to them. Finally, freedom has a very special meaning for this school. The concept of intellectual freedom, therefore, is given a prominent place in all instruction. Avoiding censorship of racially and sexually biased materials is a particularly difficult area, but it is faced honestly by the faculty.


The SLIS offers a curriculum that leads to two separate degrees -the Master of Library Science and the Master of Information Science. General preparation in librarianship and information science and opportunities for some specialization is also provided. The school also offers a joint program with the School of Law and with the School of Business in which students can receive joint degrees. The SLIS offers the M.L.S. and M.I.S. degree via the Internet (except for the Archives and Records Management track in Library Science).

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Joint Degrees

The School of Library and Information Sciences also offers two joint degrees: