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2019-2020 Graduate School Course Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate School Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Science, MIS

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CIP Code:  11.0401

SLIS also offers a Master’s in Information Science (MIS).  The MIS affords the students in the LIS program with additional electives in technical areas including database, systems analysis, networking, and data mining.  Concentrations in the MIS degree include Networking and Communications, Strategic Information Management, and Health Informatics.  Each specialization or concentration requires 36 hours of graduate courses.  These concentrations share 7 core courses (21 hours) but vary in terms of concentration requirements and recommended electives.  Each area gives students the chance to see how information systems vary in organizations, but include databases and internet or telecommunications.  Learning how to support smart phone applications, maker spaces, artificial intelligence, group work, and business analytics supports students’ efforts in problem solving, knowledge management, and project work.  The core courses are:  LSIS 5010  -  Information Systems in Organizations , LSIS 5475  -  Communications Science I , LSIS 5110  -  Information Policy and the Information Society , LSIS 5171  -  Systems Analysis and Design , LSIS 5451  -  Database Systems , LSIS 5452  -  Advanced Data Base Systems , and LSIS 5610  -  Information Systems Projects .

There are 12 hours of courses for each specialization.  These are the specialization courses, and as part of the flexibility of the MIS degree program, some courses can be taken as electives by students in different concentrations and substitutions can be considered from other disciplines too:

Health Informatics Concentration Networking and Communications Concentration Strategic Information Management Concentration
LSIS 5015  -  Introduction to Health Informatics   LSIS 5442  -  Networks & Cybersecurity   LSIS 5115  -  Information Technology and Intellectual Property  
LSIS 5460  -  Artificial Intelligence   LSIS 5470  -  Computer-Based Information Networks   LSIS 5440  -  Data-mining and Management with Statistical Analysis Applications  
LSIS 5835  -  Seminar in Human Factors in System Design   LSIS 5472  -  Protocols and Network Management   LSIS 5460  -  Artificial Intelligence  
LSIS 5845  -  Healthcare Information Systems and Applications   LSIS 5480  -  Telecommunications Systems   LSIS 5830  -  Metadata Applications for Digital Libraries  

In addition, students in the MIS degree program can select an elective from other specializations or MLS courses, or other disciplines as approved by an advisor.  As well as the option to take LSIS 5700  -  Independent Study  and LSIS 5620  -  Practicum , electives may include:  LSIS 5450  -  Digital Preservation , LSIS 5883  -  Graphical Representation LSIS 5120 Management & Leadership of Information Organizations and Libraries  or LSIS 5810  -  Research Methods   LSIS 5750  -  Special Topics .

See our SLIS homepage (www.nccuslis.org) for more details about each MIS specialization.

I. Admission Requirements

  1. An undergraduate degree and a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75.
  2. A curriculum vitae or resume (less than 2 pages long).
  3. Experience in IT (for MIS) will be considered (can send resume).
  4. Two relevant academic or professional letters of recommendation are also considered in the admissions process (we do not recommend references from family or friends).
  5. A personal statement is also required. Specific directions for the personal statement are provided in the application.
  6. See www.nccuslis.org for full list of admissions requirements. For more information and to begin the process, contact the NCCU School of Graduate Studies or the School of Library and Information Sciences. 

II. Program Requirements

III. Exit Requirements

  1. Minimal cumulative average of a B (3.0)
  2. Matriculation for a minimum period of two semesters or four summer sessions.  All work credited towards a master’s degree must be completed within a period of six years.

Joint Degree Requirements


M.I.S./M.B.A. students must take the core courses and an elective for a total of 24 hours of credit in M.I.S., plus 24 hours in M.B.A. program.  Consult an academic advisor and the School of Business for a complete list of joint degree requirements.

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