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2019-2020 Graduate School Course Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate School Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physics, M.S.

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I. Admission Requirements

A minimum of 30 credits in Physics at the undergraduate level, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the Physics courses, is required for unconditional admission to the graduate program. A conditional admission may involve correcting physics topic deficiencies by taking undergraduate courses which are prerequisites to graduate courses. Undergraduate physics course deficiencies need to be removed within one semester of admission into the program.

II. Program Requirements

Research Requirement - 6 hours

Electives - 9 hours

5000 level courses in Physics, or from course offerings in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science, that have been approved by the Physics Department.

Foreign Language Requirements - 0-3 hours

Successful completion of a reading proficiency examination in a foreign language or an examination in statistical concepts, or demonstration of proficiency in a modern computer programming language, or completion of an approved graduate statistics course

Total Credits - 30-33 hours

Approved Electives Courses in Physics

PHYS 5070 Electromagnetic Theory II  (3 hours)

PHYS 5220 Statistical Mechanics II  (3 hours)

PHYS 5310 Advanced Quantum Mechanics II  (3 hours)

PHYS 5330 Advanced Solid State Physics  (3 hours)

PHYS 5360 Nuclear Physics I  (3 hours)

PHYS 5370 Nuclear Physics II  (3 hours)

PHYS 5410 Advanced Computational Physics I  (3 hours)

PHYS 5410 Advanced Computational Physics I ( 3 )  

PHYS 5460 Particle Physics I  (3 hours)

PHYS 5470 Particle Physics II  (3 hours)

PHYS 5500 Biophysics  (3 hours)

PHYS 5520 Applied Spectroscopy  (3 hours)

PHYS 5610 Advanced Nanotechnology  (3 hours)

PHYS 5650 Special Topics  (3 hours)

PHYS 5700 Physics Graduate Seminar  (1-3 hours)

PHYS 5800 Graduate Research  (1-3 hours), one credit per semester

PHYS 5900 Thesis  (3 hours), to be taken in the final semester

III. Exit Requirements

  1. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher to remain in the program.
  2. Thesis or Project: Students must complete either a thesis or a project.  For the thesis option students are expected to perform research under supervision of the Physics faculty and bring their work to a successful conclusion as a thesis. The research for the thesis must be chosen at the time of applying for admission to candidacy. Upon completion of the written thesis, the student will defend the work orally before the departmental graduate committee.  For the Project Option students may elect to complete a project in lieu of a thesis, in which case three elective hours must then be substituted for PHYS 5900.  The student however must select this option at the time of applying for admission to candidacy. Upon completion of the research project, the student must make a written and oral presentation of the work to the departmental graduate committee.
  3. Students planning to continue their studies for a PhD degree are strongly advised to complete additional credit hours.  
  4. Minor: Minor credits, up to 9 credit hours, may be chosen from the “elective” graduate or 5000 level courses in Physics or from appropriate graduate courses in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science that have been approved by the Physics Department (e.g. Biotechnology, Advanced Physical Chemistry CHEG 5710, and CHEG 5720). 
  5. Master’s Comprehensive Examination Students must successfully complete a written Comprehensive Examination to include three areas of physics, including Electricity and Magnetism, Analytical Mechanics, and Quantum Mechanics.

Graduate Curriculum Guide for MS in Physics

Year 1

Year 2

Fall Semester

  • PHYS Graduate Research (3)
  • PHYS Elective (3)
  • PHYS Elective (3)
  • Approval of Thesis Plan or Project Plan

Spring Semester

  • PHYS Elective (3)
  • PHYS Thesis (6)
  • Thesis Defense or Project Defense

Summer Year 2 (as Needed)

PHYS Graduate Thesis (6)

Thesis Defense or Project Defense

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