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2019-2020 Graduate School Course Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate School Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Jazz Studies, M.M.

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CIP Code: 26.0101

I. Admission Requirements

Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance or a Bachelor of Arts in Music with extensive experience in jazz performance and/or teaching

  1. Students entering the Master of Music in Jazz Studies program must have a 2.7 cumulative grade point average and a 3.0 average in their undergraduate major.
  2. Completion of undergraduate courses in Jazz Theory and Improvisation  (Performance Majors)
  3. Completion of undergraduate courses in Jazz Arranging and Composition (Composition Majors)
  4. Extensive jazz big band and or small combo experience (Vocal or Instrumental)
  5. An official undergraduate transcript
  6. Two letters of Recommendation

Audition Procedures

A performance of each of the sub-styles listed above will be required to provide evidence of the applicant’s improvisational skill. Applicants may submit recordings (small or large ensemble) to further support their musical development.

Students seeking the Composition track must provide written scores and recordings as evidence of successful writing ability.

A successful performance audition and a written and oral theory exam are required for acceptance into the program.

II. Program Requirements

Placement tests will be administered to entering graduate students in the areas of Jazz Theory, Jazz Arranging and Jazz Improvisation.  Students with deficiencies in those subjects will be required to complete undergraduate review courses.  Credits for the review courses are not a part of the 33-hour Master of Music degree requirements. 

Students who have deficiencies in the above mentioned areas may take a maximum of twelve hours of undergraduate courses:  Jazz Theory, Jazz Arranging, or Jazz Improvisation. After these courses are completed with a grade of “B” or better, the conditional admittance will be upgraded to unconditional.

Composition Track Electives - 9 hours

Composition majors may choose additional sections and courses beyond the requirements from the following:

Performance Track Electives - 15 hours

Performance majors may choose additional sections beyond the requirements from the following:

III. Exit Requirements

  1. Successful completion of jazz compositions and arrangements for large and small ensembles for the Master of Music in Jazz Studies in the lecture/recital format (Composition Track)
  2. Successful completion of the lecture/recital for the Master of Music in Jazz Studies (Performance Track)
  3. Students must complete a minimum of 33 semester hours (Graduate Courses) with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  4. Successful completion of the performance and analysis of selected jazz standard literature orchestrated for small ensembles presented in the lecture/recital format. Performance and Composition majors must meet the minimum standard of jazz improvisation based on the following forms, (blues, “Rhythm” changes, and standard song form).

Students must pass their orals (Recital Hearings - Performance and Lecture) to complete the requirements for MUSL 5800 before proceeding with their final thesis/recital project.  Students will have a maximum of two opportunities to pass these hearings.  Those students failing to satisfy this requirement will have to postpone their lecture/recital until the next semester.  This requires the student to retake MUSL 5800 and repeat the orals during the following semester.

Graduate Curriculum Guide for Jazz Studies, Performance Track, M.M.

Year 3 (As Needed)

*Vocal Performance majors are required to take JAZZ 5010 Jazz Vocal Ear Training 

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