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Graduate School Course Catalog 2018-2019 
Graduate School Course Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Endorsement in Computer Education (18079)

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The 18079 is an add-on licensure. Candidates seeking the 18079 must complete a graduate application with transcripts, letters of reference, a copy of their teaching certificate (A or M), and a statement of interest in the program. Upon acceptance, a plan of study will be designed by the program coordinator and an advisor will be assigned.

The following overview of this endorsement was provided by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction:

The Special Endorsement in Computer Education was established for partial or full-time school computer teachers or computer resource teachers for one or more schools. Preparation for this position should provide educators extensive knowledge and skills to work with students and other teachers to use computers in the on-going instructional program, and to serve as a computer education leader for a school.

An individual with the Special Endorsement in Computer Education should have in-depth understanding of the competencies outlined in the ISTE Educational Computing and Technology Standards for Technology Facilitators. This individual may be identified by a variety of titles such as computer teacher, school computer coordinator, computer resource teacher, computer lab teacher, computer education specialist or instructional technology facilitator.

An individual with the Special Endorsement in Computer Education is eligible to work in a teacher position. The endorsement is awarded as an “A” license unless the individual also holds the Instructional Technology Specialist-Computers (077) license. Then, the endorsement is awarded at the “G” level.

Course Requirements

Students must complete the following 18 hours relevant to the ISTE Educational Computing and Technology Standards for Technology Facilitators or other courses as approved by the student’s advisor:

Additional Requirements:

The candidate must complete and defend a comprehensive electronic portfolio demonstrating knowledge, skills, and dispositions of a teacher entering this field.

Selected Electives:

Upon acceptance to the program, the candidate meets with program faculty to develop a Plan of Study. An approved Plan of Study may include additional courses to strengthen the candidate’s educational background, requiring additional coursework. It may also include electives and/or a minor concentration, depending upon the candidate’s experiences, interests, and future career goals. Courses may not count towards the graduation requirements, if they are not a part of an approved Plan of Study.

Courses to Strengthen Preparation:

  • EDU 2800—Computer Utilizations in Instructional Technology
  • EDU 4300—Classroom Utilization of Instructional Technology (Applied)
  • EDU 3700—Statistics (undergraduate)

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