Dec 01, 2023  
2019-2020 Graduate School Course Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate School Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDAM 5353 OL1 - Culturally Responsive Leadership for Marginalized Communities (3)

Culturally Responsive Leadership for Marginalized Communities will provide students with an opportunity to explore the purposes and principles of social justice, advocacy,a and culturally responsive leadership, particularly as related to public schools and the legal, ethical, socio-political, cultural, and economic contexts in which school operates. This online course will also provide students with a theoretical framework for understanding the dynamics and forms of oppression and afford them an opportunity to engage self-interrogation regarding “isms,” such as racism, sexism, able-ism, and class-ism, Students will will be asked to analyze their experiences and the experiences of others from the perspective of what is “just” or ‘unjust” and critique their dis positional reactions to injustices experienced themselves and by others. Students will also examine how social change has been forges in the past, identify currents manifestation of “social injustice” and consider how they might serve as advocates for a more just educational system, society, and world. Students will also explore ways to develop and use shared vision, values and goals to define the identity and culture of the school as well as acknowledge failures and celebrates accomplishments of the school in order to define the identity, culture and performance of the school. Students will also examine strategies that develop a sense of efficacy and empowerment among staff which influences the school’s identity , culture,and performance. The course will provide practical research opportunities to examine the culture of schools and their communal origins, learn how to audit them, and mobilize them for the academic and social success. 

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